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Meet Charlie


Meet Charlie, what does Charlie have to do with natural cleaning. Well although not natural it was a solution that really helped Charlie without exposing him to harsh chemicals. We rescued Charlie from the dumpsters located in our community. He was so tiny, and scrawny. He was starving, and covered in fleas. We took him to the vet, who had some great advice for us. The vet suggested giving Charlie a bath using Dawn dish detergent to get rid of the fleas instead of trying to use something like Frontline on such a tiny little kitten. As you can see we did. The first bath did get rid of most of the fleas, I was surprised, these little buggers can be so resilient! We gave Charlie two more baths over the next several days and that seemed to do it! Charlie is doing quite well and does appear to be flea free. ​As a precaution we also sprinkled baking soda on the one area rug we have, to kill flea eggs that might have ended up there.

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